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Google Stay on Google TV and Android TV Chromecast in June’21

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Stadia, an electronic game streaming service produced by Google that has already been reviewed by us and is also available in Portugal, launched in November 2019, is gaining momentum, and it is now confirmed that Google Stadia will go to Chromecast in Google TV and Android TV devices as early as June 23.

Chromecast is a line of digital media players developed by Google. The devices, designed as small dongles, allow users with a mobile device to initiate and control the playback of audiovisual content streamed over the internet on a high-definition television or home audio system via Google Cast-compatible mobile or web applications .

The company notes that Android TV devices that aren’t on the initial list will still be able to download and play the service, as long as they “opt for trial support.” They warn that although “this feature is still in development, and not all Android TV OS devices will work perfectly.” A rival to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Google claims its service has access to more than 180 games available for play on phones, laptops and TVs.

Google Stay on Google TV and Android TV Chromecast in

You will need an Internet connection of at least 10 megabits per second and a Stadia or “Bluetooth” compatible remote control, plus a TV or device connected to the TV is required for gaming.

A list of gamepads can be found on Google’s Stadia support site, although it appears the company hasn’t updated the page to reflect the new expansion. First announced at the Game Developers Conference in 2019, Google previously limited Stadia streaming to televisions to the Chromecast Ultra streaming stick and Stadia controller.

The service is also available on the Chrome browser, some Android phones, and on iPhones and iPads as a Safari web app. These devices are capable of playing the streaming service with other remotes, like controllers from an Xbox One, DualShock 4 or Switch Pro. And that’s how Stadia is now gaining momentum, and moving to devices other than phones, browsers Chrome and the Chromecast Ultra.

Google’s Stadia is moving towards new devices. On Monday, the search giant announced it will begin rolling out the video game service’s cloud-based software for its Chromecast with Google TV streaming stick, as well as several other televisions with Android TV and devices, as early as 23 of June. As with other Android TV or Google TV applications, you can download Stadia from the Play Store, with a Stadia Pro subscription for around €10 per month.

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Want to know other news? See below for our Suggestions

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