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Google Play targets misleading apps

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Over the past year, Google has implemented sweeping policy changes regarding the Google Play Store in order to prevent gambling apps from being added with real money and to address criticism of commission fees.

But Update The new store guidelines aim to organize previews to prevent them from deceiving users into downloading apps and to make app lists more concise, accurate, and less dazzling.

As part of the new rules, Google is actively banning bad listing practices, including promotional tactics designed to make apps look more attractive.

For example, new app metadata policies prohibit capitalized words unless it is a brand name, and prohibit the use of emojis in app names.

Meanwhile, developers are forced to limit app titles to 30 characters and will not be able to use graphic or text to stimulate installs.

Installations cannot be incentivized by including a phrase, such as Download Now, and an attempt to promote deals by including a sale banner in the app icon has been prohibited.

Google does not want apps with icons or texts that imply store performance, ranking, price, promotional information, or misleading items.

Google said: The applications that conflict with the forthcoming policies will not be allowed through the Google Play Store.

To help developers adapt to the new rules, the company is releasing more details in the coming months before implementation later this year.

In addition, new policies related to application inspection assets will take effect in the second half of 2021.

These policies apply to the featured graphics, screenshots, videos, and short descriptions used to display the app’s functionality.

To meet the changes, Google is asking developers to focus on accuracy and useful information through eye-catching words, such as: “free” or “better.”

It also demands that the assets be translated and readable, so that users can make sound judgments about whether or not they want to install an app.

The guidelines require that graphics, videos, and brief descriptions accurately represent the applications and games, and provide adequate information to users.

Applications that do not adhere to the guidelines are penalized by making them ineligible to upgrade and recommend.

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