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Google Play Store with new rules. Know the bans!

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In the list of prohibitions imposed by Google are the use of capitalized words (unless it is a brand), the use of emoji in application names, the use of graphics and / or text to encourage users to install a particular application .

The new Google rules restrict the title composition of applications to a maximum of 30 characters. As for apps that do not comply with future policies, they will not be allowed in the Play Store, as Goolge said. In order to help application developers to comply with the new rules, the company has already been available to provide more details in the coming months, before its application later this year.

As part of the package of new rules, pointed out by The Verge, Google will effectively ban inappropriate listing practices, including promotional tactics designed to make applications more engaging.

In order to add real money gambling apps, last year Google implemented radical changes to its Play Store policy. However, the latest update of the company’s guidelines aims to perform a “timely filtering of applications, in order to prevent users from downloading inappropriate apps.

Google Play Store with new rules Know the bans

In addition, new policies related to the pre-quality assessment of the app’s will come into force in the second half of 2021. They will apply to graphic resources, screenshots, videos, among others.

For now, Google is encouraging app developers to focus on accuracy and relevant information instead of buzzwords like “free” or “best”. It also urges that assets be located and easy to read, so that users can make accurate judgments about installing an application. Apps that don’t comply with Google’s guidelines will be considered unacceptable for promotion and recommendation.

Source: The Verge

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