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Google Photos… The End of Free Unlimited Storage

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Google Photos is ending its free, unlimited storage today.

And if you use Google Photos, you may have to start paying to store your photos and videos.

From now on, any photo you upload (including compressed Save Storage photos) counts toward your Google Drive storage limit unless it comes from a Pixel phone.

As of today, you will only have 15GB of free storage to use.

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And if you need more space, you’ll have to pay for Google One plans that start at $2 per month for 100GB of Google Drive space and expand to 2TB for $10 per month.

Any photos you upload before June 1st will not count towards the limit.

Google has also made it easier to delete unwanted photos with a tool that finds blurry snapshots, screenshots, and other items you can usually remove.

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And theclarified Google made this move last November as a necessary step to keep up with the demand for storage.

“More than 4 trillion images are stored within the image storage service, with 28 billion new images uploaded every week,” she said.

Google estimates that more than 80 percent of Google Photos users should be able to store nearly three more years of memories with 15GB of free storage.

Although it’s a bigger problem for people whose free Google Drive space becomes full of other content.

alternatives Google Photos:

If you rely on Google Photos as a backup for your photo library and need a free service, you can use the free tier of services like Dropbox or Flickr.

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An Amazon Prime subscription provides free, unlimited storage for photos (plus 5GB of video).

While a Microsoft 365 membership provides 1 TB of OneDrive space per person.

Apple’s iCloud can also help you if you’re an iOS or Mac user. Although this is more of a sync service than a full storage.

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