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Google Photos gets new editing features

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Google adds some cool and exclusive editing features for Pixel phones to Google Photos for all Android users to enjoy, but there is a problem – if you don’t have a Pixel phone, you have to be a paid Google One subscriber to use them.

For some time, rumors have circulated about editing features for the paid subscription system, but the new additions represent the official announcement of the new program.

Google offers some of the latest editing tools supported by machine learning, such as the Portrait Blur Improved and Portrait Light And the Color Pop Which I started offering alongside the Pixel 5 last fall to a wider audience.

As Google made clear when the paid subscription system was first discovered, the company is not ruling out current versions of features, like Portrait Blur or Color Pop, for free Google Photo users.

Current versions of these features, which work with newer images that offer depth data, such as Portrait mode photos, continue to work for everyone.

But new releases of features intended for Pixel phone and subscription users promise to take things a step further and allow users to apply these effects through machine learning to older images that do not have the current depth data.

And Pixel phone users continue to access the features for free, whether or not they subscribe to Google One.

In addition to the new editing features, Google also introduces new filters supported by artificial intelligence: the new dynamic filter that automatically improves brightness and contrast, and the sky suggestion filter that can adjust fonts for more exciting effects.

Google One subscriptions start at $ 1.99 per month and are primarily focused on expanding storage space for Google services, as the basic plan provides 100GB of space over 15GB of free built-in storage.

Google is also offering additional perks to subscribers to help improve the deal, such as Google Store rewards, and new Google Photos editing features are likely part of that plan.

It should also be noted that Google is expanding image-focused offerings with Google One just months before it ends its free, unlimited storage program for Google Photos, which means the company is likely pushing Google One as a solution for users who need more space in order to store photos. .

Google announced that it offers some equal features between the iOS and Android versions of the app, so that in the coming weeks, the Android version gets the improved video editor that Google provided for iOS, and the iOS version is updated in the coming months to receive the new photo editor that Google introduced last fall.

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