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Google phone application announces loudly who is calling you

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Google is launching a new feature in its phone application that audibly announces who is calling you with your caller ID or number. This new feature can be found in the latest update of the Android application.

Those using Google Phone on their Android devices will now receive audible announcements about who is calling. The application will announce the name or number of any call and announce it while the phone rings, which can be interesting if the smartphone is a little further away and, in this way, it will know if it is worth getting up to answer it.

Just as a quick reminder, Google Phone is Google’s dialer app for Android devices. After initially being available only on Pixel devices, Google opened the app so that any Android device can install it and come pre-installed on some devices with Android.

The Google Phone already has some very interesting features, so although it is not a much-needed feature, it is still a great addition to the application, just as it recently added a feature that allows you to record calls from numbers you don’t know.

Google phone application announces loudly who is calling you

Two ways this feature works is, for example, a good accessibility feature to reduce the need to read the text on the display, or it can be useful to warn who is calling while wearing headphones, without the need to look to the screen.

Many other standard Android phone applications already offer this feature, and those on the iPhone as well. Therefore, it is certainly welcome for some users.

How do I activate this on Google Phone?

If you want to activate this new feature in your Google Phone app, make sure you are using the latest version of the app. You can find the update on the Google Play Store if you haven’t already installed it.

To activate the new feature, in the Google Phone app, go to Settings. Then, tap the “caller ID announcement”. The new setting is disabled by default, but you can choose to keep it enabled at all times or only when using headsets.

Once activated, your phone will announce the name or number of the person who is calling you according to the configuration you have chosen. The name or number is announced at the same time as the phone rings.

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