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Google pays 450 sites to provide you with free news

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Google News Showcase, a program through which the search giant pays money to sponsor news content from publishers, has launched in the United Kingdom and Argentina.

And cover the service In the UK over 120 publications, while I subscribed 40 Argentinian prints.

For readers, the service includes the ability to access paid subscription content for free.

Was done release News Showcase in Germany and Brazil last year, and Australia last week, and now includes content from more than 450 publications worldwide.

Publications available through the service in the United Kingdom include Reuters, the Financial Times, The Independent and The Telegraph, while Argentine publications include Clarin, La Nacion and Perville.

One of the frequently asked questions from Google indicates that publishers are paid a monthly fee to organize news stories for the service, in addition to accessing content protected with a paid subscription system.

News Showcase is available on the Google News app on Android, iOS, and the web version, as well as Discover on iOS.

Last week, News Showcase was launched in Australia, a country where the company faces a dispute with lawmakers over new rules that could force it to pay news publishers for their content.

Google recently threatened to pull its search engine out of the country if the News Media Bargaining Act went into effect.

And last week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he had had constructive talks with Google’s CEO about the new rules.

Seven Australian publishers have joined the program, covering more than 25 publications, but one outlet, Nine, has chosen not to negotiate with Google until the new law takes effect.

In its FAQ, Google says it believes News Showcase should be in line with the new rules, given that publishers are free to enter into judging if they don’t like the News Showcase deal.

Facebook has a similar news initiative that includes paying publishers to license their content via its News tab, a section of the service that includes a mixture of curated and personalized news stories.

After its launch in the US, the tab recently arrived in the UK.

Like News Showcase, Facebook includes payment for specific publishers to license content, including some typically paid content.

Outside the United Kingdom and Argentina, Google says it is also ready to launch News Showcase in France, Canada and Japan.

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