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Google Pay becomes available on Wear OS

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Google Play support on Wear OS has just been available in Portugal, after this feature has already been launched in over 40 countries.

After we can pay with the smartphone, and this method has become a real trend, you would guess that payments via smartwatches would appear in a short period of time. In recent times, there have been several new forms of payment and the payment using Wear OS makes our days easier.

To make a payment using the Wear OS, the user will only have to touch the reader of a payment terminal for the purchase to be made. This new service is completely secure as it is necessary for the user to confirm their data.


Payment via contactless technology via Google Play is one of the most interesting features of the Wear OS smartwatches, and allows users to pay in stores simply and quickly.

To make the payment, the user does not even need to take his wallet out of his pocket. Bearing in mind that payment via Android is already a success in our country, it is expected that this new form of payment via smartwatch is very well received.

The application is compatible with smartwatches that have Wear OS 2 or higher versions and can be installed directly from the Google Play Store if it is not already installed on your smartwatch.

The new update comes with Google’s Material You Design for smartwatches. Although the update does not bring any new functionality, it improves the user experience, giving detailed information about each payment made as well as the associated cards.

By now the Google Play on Wear service is already in almost all over the world. The three countries where Google Play works on smartphones but not on Wear watches are India, Japan and the Netherlands.

Source: Android Police

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