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Google paid researchers $ 6.7 million in 2020

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Google has a team of vulnerability researchers who work around the clock to find vulnerabilities in Chrome, Google Play Store, Android and more, and this has not changed despite the epidemic.

And the company recently published Amount details It paid researchers in 2020 via the VRP Vulnerability Rewards Program, where There were 662 paid researchers representing 62 countries with the highest reward amounting to $ 132,500.

And those who found security flaws in its ecosystem got a lot of money – $ 6.7 million to be exact.

This annual report is up $ 200,000 compared to 2019 for those who find flaws in Google’s software.

These discoveries help to maintain the safety of users, and the Internet in general, and the company seems happy to pay a lot of money to fix problems that you do not see immediately.

And pay the Vulnerabilities Rewards Program for Android $ 1.74 million, and pushed the Google Play Store vulnerabilities rewards program $ 270,000 to Android researchers worldwide, and pay Chrome’s vulnerability rewards program $ 2.1 million across 300 errors in 2020 alone.

The Chrome Vulnerability Rewards Program is the most interesting because it broke this year Records, as cash payments increased by 83 percent compared to last year.

And in 2019, 14 percent of Google’s payments were for V8 errors – issues directly related to Chrome’s JavaScript engine.

That number decreased to just 6 percent in 2020 – that’s a decrease of over 50 percent.

If you are interested in familiarizing yourself with the Chrome browser rewards program rules for vulnerabilities, you can head to Security page Applications from Google to learn more.

There you find out more about the scope of the program, what qualifying vulnerabilities, how you can report bugs, and even a table showing how much you can get.

And there is currently a flat $ 150,000 bonus for participants who can hack a Chromebook or Chromebox while the device remains in guest mode. There are also bonuses for those who can bypass lock screen or biometric security, and more.

The page also contains a set of common questions related to error monitoring, including when to pay you and more, so that The lowest payout is $ 500 for anyone smart enough in cybersecurity or programming.

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