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Google Meet limits free video calls to one hour

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At the start of this pandemic, Google announced that there was no time limit for group calls on Meet, and after the company had extended the deadline twice, the site 9to5Google advances that the 1-hour access limit for free accounts has just been established. Conversations with just two people have no time limit, that is, your usage policy remains unchanged.

The free use without any time limit was especially important because traditional contacts were prevented due to COVID 19 and, in this way, users were able to keep in touch with their family and friends, without having to worry about possible interruptions in the connection . Meet was also important to make telecommuting easier.

Changing the rules for group calls on Meet during the pandemic was Google’s strategy to compete directly with Zoom, and now Google offers a greater benefit in 1-to-1 conversations, as its competitor has a maximum limit of 40 minutes. After 55 minutes, users of a free Meet account will receive notification that the call will end in 5 minutes.

Google Meet limits free video calls to one hourWith regard to paid accounts, Google Meet has arrangements so that the time limit is not an issue. There is, for example, the Business Starter, whose monthly value is 6 dollars, and the Business Standard, 12 dollars a month. In this second mode, around 150 users can participate in a conversation. It should be noted that the limit of participants in free accounts is 100 users.

Google Meet also competes directly with Microsoft Teams. Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which in their inception were more intended for business meetings, have become platforms chosen by individuals for conversations with those who were far away, and the pandemic prevented them from establishing personal contact.

Source: The Verge

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