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Google Maps launches useful functionality in times of pandemic

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With the increase in the population vaccinated against Covid-19 and with the lifting of restrictions, Google Maps has introduced some resources to help users live this “new normal”, which requires several precautions, namely that people move around the most. safe as possible, especially in city centers.

To help users ride public transport, Google has a feature that predicts their capacity, and which can be consulted in real time. To provide accurate data, the technology giant uses more than 10,000 agencies and transit and transport authorities, distributed in more than 100 countries.

In addition to the data they receive, users can contribute their information, and the feature uses artificial intelligence technology.

Google Maps launches useful functionality in times of pandemic

Google Maps will launch Timeline Insights, a feature that tracks the time a person has spent in a particular place, as well as the kilometers traveled, public transport and time spent driving, walking, and even driving. bicycle. Google also offers Trips in Timeline, a specific tab where the user can enter information about their trips, including the accommodation where they stayed, the places they visited or the restaurants they visited.

The tech giant announced that Timeline Insights, emerged following several requests from its users, who wanted to have more information about how they spent their time.

It is possible to change the information directly in the timeline located in the user’s reserved area.

Google Maps has been rolling out several features since March of last year, when Covid 19 took off in Europe, including an information center dedicated to Covid 19 and a contactless payment system. It also started to allow advance reservations.

Source: Google Blog

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