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Google makes two-factor authentication the default

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Google is about to take a very important step that will help maintain the security of user accounts, as it makes two-factor authentication for people the default.

And the company wrote in Post They are starting soon to enroll customers in two-factor authentication (Two-step verification Or 2SV) if the accounts are appropriately configured.

You can verify this by checking the security of your Google account.

Once enabled, the user receives a prompt on their smartphone to verify that the attempt to log in with their Google account is correct.

“Using mobile devices to log in gives people a more secure authentication experience than passwords alone,” said Mark Reischer, senior director of product management at Google.

Phone alerts are more secure than intercepted SMS text messages.

And if standard two-factor authentication isn’t for you, you can always use a physical security key like keys from YubiKey or Google’s Titan, as another way to protect your account.

The search giant added in 2019 the option of Android smartphones to serve as a security key, and this option has since been expanded to include iPhones.

This step comes as part of Google’s push towards a future in which you will never need a password, and the announcement also comes on World Password Day.

Google says: that 66 percent of Americans still admit to using the same password across multiple sites, which makes all of these accounts vulnerable in the event that any of them are hacked.

The search giant advises clients to conduct a quick security check of the company to ensure that the settings and protections for the accounts are correct.

Google noticed via the post that it has a secure password manager for Chrome, Android and iOS that can auto-fill your login details across websites and apps.

Google’s password manager isn’t necessarily the perfect program for you, but it is free and easy to use.

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