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Google makes its voice assistant more useful for the family

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Announced Google has revealed some improved features for families for its Google Assistant voice assistant, including improved broadcasts, new bells and some new stories that can be read to children.

The update expands the streaming tool that was previously limited to smart speakers and displays across iPhones and Android devices.

Broadcast lets you send a message to all compatible devices simultaneously via, and you can create groups to specify who you want to reach.

Google allows you to set up a Family Broadcast family group for up to six of your relatives, and the newly announced expansion allows you to reach these members via their phones as well.

And just like with speakers or the Nest screen, the contact can now reply to your message from an Android or iPhone device.

Google is also working on improving the Family Bell feature that allows you to set school bell-like alarms throughout the day.

Starting now, you can have Family Bells ring across multiple devices in your home at once, instead of just one.

Google is also adding new reminders to the feature, which lets you set up recurring reminders for your family.

The feature also got support for eight new languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

The assistant also provides educational content, and this week Google is adding Harry Potter stories to its library in partnership with Pottermore Publishing.

Through a smart screen or an Android device, you can ask the assistant to “Tell me the story of the quidditch sport of magicians” to learn more about the fantasy sport.

Google says more content from Wizarding World is coming later this year.

In addition to fiction, the assistant also gets new historical content from the? Who Was series from the publishing company Penguin Random House, so you can hear stories about historical public figures.

You can also play new games, such as Are you smarter than a fifth grader, via smart displays that support the assistant.

There are also two new songs about brushing teeth, and Google said: The goal is to help children do their tasks and do housework.

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