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Google keeps the university degrees required for employment

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Issued a company Google is a huge advertisement that could change the future of work and higher education, as it launched a selection of professional courses that teach candidates how to perform the required jobs.

Learn these courses – which the company calls (Google Career CertificatesKey skills that can help job seekers find work instantly. However, rather than spending years finishing a traditional university degree, these courses are designed so that they can be completed in approximately six months.

Wrote (Kent Walker), Senior Vice President of Global Affairs at Google: “University degrees are out of reach for many Americans, and they don’t need a college degree to achieve economic security. We need new, accessible job training solutions – from improved career programs to education. Online – to help America recover and rebuild. ”

(Walker) said the following on Twitter: “In our recruitment, we will now treat these new professional certifications as equivalent to a four-year degree for the relevant roles.”

Google did not mention exactly the cost of the new courses, but a similar program offered by Google on the online learning platform (Coursera), offers a certificate (Google IT Support Professional), And it costs $ 49 per month. At that price, a six-month course will cost just under $ 300 – less than what many college students spend on textbooks in just one semester – plus, Google said it will fund 100,000 needs-based scholarships to support new programs. .

One of the major criticisms of higher education over the years has been that universities do not properly provide students with the real-world skills they need in the workplace, and leave them in debt for years as they struggle to pay off student loans.

In contrast, Google claims that its courses, which will cost a fraction of a traditional university education, instantly prepare students to find work in high-paying career fields.

The three new programs offered by Google with annual salaries are:

  • Project manager annual salary ($ 93,000)
  • Data analyst annual salary ($ 66,000)
  • UX designer annual salary ($ 75,000)

Google claims that the programs provide participants with the basic skills they need to get a job, and it does not require a degree or prior experience to take the courses. Each training course is designed and taught by company employees working in the respective fields.

After completing the program, Google promises to support the search for a job as well, as the company says that participants can sign up to share their information directly with major employers seeking jobs in these areas, including Walmart, Best Buy and Intel. (Bank of America), (Hulu), and Google.

In addition, Google says it will provide hundreds of vocational training opportunities for participants who complete the course. Beginning this fall, the company will offer certification in IT support in vocational high schools and technical education across the United States.

Lessons for business owners:

Although traditional certifications are still essential in fields like law or medicine, many employers have indicated that they no longer view them as necessary – Apple, IBM, and Google, to name a few. If you are a business owner or hiring manager, ask yourself:

  • Is it time to rewrite our job description, to remove the four-year certification requirement?
  • Can we benefit from educational programs like those offered by Google and other internet platforms?
  • Do we have the resources to design our own online training, to help grow our pool of qualified candidates while simultaneously providing an additional source of income for our business?

Remember: Nowadays, it’s all about skills, not grades, because if there is anything the Corona epidemic has taught us, it is the importance of maximizing the return on investment in time and money.

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