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Google is rethinking its healthcare strategy

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Google is once again turning to the drawing board to rethink its healthcare strategy. The search giant is dismantling the unified Google Health division, which was founded in 2018, in favor of a distributed approach to building health products.

AndLeaves Division President David Feinberg, Company, heading to Cerner Healthcare IT as President and CEO.

While an unknown percentage of Google Health employees are sent to other teams in the company (such as Search and Fitbit) to work on specific services.

This marks the chaotic end of what was a chaotic initiative. Tech giants such as Google and Apple have become increasingly interested in the healthcare industry in recent years. But they fail to create internal routes into such an ecosystem.

Google’s efforts in health were at least suitably differentiated. It covers everything from Android fitness apps, AI-powered eye disease detectors, failed data deals, medical study apps, and the sleep-tracking features of the Nest Hub, to machine learning tools for doctors.

And Google Health was supposed to unite these efforts. Giving some sense of purpose and direction to the company’s sprawling ambitions.

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Google dismantles the health unit

The history of the Google Health brand dates back to 2006. But the company appears to have started on a more serious path in 2018 when it hired David Feinberg.

The purpose of Feinberg’s employment was to lead the initiative to regulate Google’s fragmented health initiatives. Which at that time overlapped across various business activities.

And as this latest news suggests, that didn’t work. And that’s even though the Google Health branding continues.

The unit will no longer operate as a unified organization, said Jeff Dean, the company’s senior vice president of research and health efforts. Instead, the group that creates a search platform for doctors’ health records reports directly to it.

While healthcare initiatives focused on artificial intelligence report to Yossi Matias, the company’s vice president of research and artificial intelligence.

Karen DeSalvo, the company’s chief health officer, now reports to Kent Walker, the company’s chief legal officer.

AndShe said The Company: Google Health is no longer just one team. But a major companywide effort touches on many of our products. From now on, the Google Health name includes all of our health initiatives.

And if you use any of the company’s current health products, these basic experiences will likely continue just as they did before.

However, it remains to be seen whether or not the search giant can deliver anything more beneficial than its healthcare strategy.

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