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Google is developing a network similar to Apple’s Find My

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Google is turning Android phones into a network capable of finding lost devices, similar to Apple’s Find My network, according to the company. for analysis Conducted by 9to5Google.

The network that is being developed is called Spot, and it aims to take advantage of your Android phone to locate other devices.

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Information about the feature appeared in the new beta version of Google Play Services, with code indicating the phones’ ability to help identify other devices, indicating that it will be easy to find Android phones soon.

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At this early stage, it’s not clear which, if any, of these limitations the Spot Network feature can solve. But when you’re looking for a lost phone, it’s good to have any feature.

Google has other projects involving the use of a network of Android phones – notably the earthquake detection feature.

While the application is different, the basic concept is likely to be very similar.

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Google wants to take advantage of Android devices:

There are more than 3 billion active Android devices. This is a great source of information, whether it’s accelerometer data, or the location of a misplaced phone.

according to for page Google Support, the current Find My Device system can find phones that are turned on, have an internet connection, and have location services enabled.

This method works in most cases. But Apple’s Find My network is taking the extra step of getting devices to broadcast Bluetooth signals even when they’re offline.

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The signal can be captured by any other iOS device to transmit that and the location to the cloud. So you can find a lost tool in more circumstances.

And 9to5Google found a setting that would allow users to turn the feature off. This is so that their phone does not help in locating other devices.

Spot was connected to the Eddystone protocol that Google worked on in mid-2010 for signaling of proximity messages.

At the time, Google invested in creating a physical network where real-world objects could interact with your phone.

Examples included getting a transit schedule at bus stops, guides at a museum, and free wireless network service.

However, these notifications are increasingly being used for spam. Google discontinued the ability of Android phones to receive notifications from nearby devices in 2018.

Given that information is limited, it is not clear whether the Find My Device network will be able to find things other than phones, such as Apple’s Find My network or Samsung’s Galaxy Find network.

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