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Google has a smart drawing board to collaborate on work

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Google’s suite of online productivity apps changed the way many of us work quickly, and when the company launched Docs and Sheets 15 years ago, these apps offered the world a new way of working.

These applications enabled teamwork anytime and anywhere, in contrast to old tools that were designed for the era of individual work on desktop computers.

Instead of dealing with offline Microsoft Word documents, we got online applications that allow seamless collaboration with colleagues.

Google is now taking workplace productivity apps a step further Submit Smart Panel, a new feature that makes apps such as Google Drive smarter and more flexible.

And the smart dashboard allows you to work across Sheets and Docs without leaving the Google Chat room, or direct a Meets call to a Doc or Slide file.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: We have seen business transform in unprecedented ways, it is no longer just a place, and many of us are now working in the midst of the pandemic from our kitchens and dining rooms.

Google aims, through its smart drawing board, to make online collaboration more smooth, as if you were sitting side by side with your co-workers.

And the Smart Dashboard lets you do things like link to other documents, tag coworkers, and quickly assign tasks without leaving a Google Doc.

Also, easy-to-access building blocks allow you to convert a blank document into something that can help you quickly manage a complex project.

Although these aren’t necessarily flagship features, they are things that can save time for teams that rely heavily on Google Workplace apps.

This function will not be available immediately, and Google says: it is integrating it directly into Meets, Docs, Slide and Sheets this fall, and you can currently present a file directly in a meeting.

You can think of the smart canvas as an advanced version of Google’s current productivity suite.

The smart drawing board can change the way you work by providing better suggestions to avoid offensive language in documents and give you a single document that can effectively manage a large project.

Google is working to improve the applications that hundreds of millions of people use every day, such as: documents, spreadsheets and presentations, to make them more flexible, interactive and smart.

Using the smart canvas, the search giant brings content and connections that transform collaboration into a better, richer Google Workspace experience.

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