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Google develops a foldable Pixel phone

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Google may have moved away from the Pixel Watch, but it looks like a foldable Pixel phone is on its way.

And a leak appeared last August showing that the company was planning to release its first foldable Pixel phone in late 2021.

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explain report It’s new now that Samsung will start producing foldable OLED displays in October for the upcoming Google, Vivo, and Xiaomi foldable phones, all of which will be revealed later this year.

Google has not kept its foldable phone ambitions a secret, and in 2019 it published patent applications for its foldable screens. She admitted that she had been designing prototypes for her for some time, and said she had no clear use case yet.

But it now appears that Google has a foldable phone, codenamed Passport, which may be almost ready to be announced.

9to5Google discovered a new reference to the Passport last month in Android 12 code, along with other codenames believed to be the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a 5G.

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Google develops a foldable phone:

The foldable Google phone is supposed to have a single 7.6-inch screen that folds inward. While the upcoming Vivo phone has an 8-inch main screen and a 6.5-inch external screen.

It is not clear if the Pixel Fold comes with a display designed by Google itself.

This is possible because Samsung acts as a contract manufacturer for many other companies, producing some Apple processors as an example.

It was reported that Samsung is providing its ultra-thin cover glass (which is technically manufactured by German manufacturer Schott) to other smartphone manufacturers, and Google is expected to use it.

And Xiaomi announced a foldable phone earlier this year, the Mi Mix Fold. But it looks like there will be a second phone.

The information also indicated that Oppo has postponed the launch of a new foldable phone to 2022.

The upcoming phone is supposed to include a 7.1-inch main screen and a smaller external screen between 1.5 and 2 inches.

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