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Google Chromecast receives new features

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Google has started rolling out an update to the latest Chromecast device, which adds the April 2021 security patch and a few new features and bug fixes.

And theReport The size of the update is 166MB and converts the Chromecast with Google TV to version QTS1.210311.005.

There is also a new update for the Chromecast audio remote control, but it is unclear what new features have been added.

And while many users await the new Apple TV 4K at $ 179, the cheaper $ 49 Chromecast is updated with a handful of useful features and security improvements.

In addition to the first security update for Chromecast since December 2020, Talk also gives owners more precise control over video playback.

Correction notes include advanced settings for video controls for accurate HDR, resolution, refresh rate, and color formats

Depending on what your TV supports, you can make various adjustments to the look of movies and TV shows.

This update also brings improvements to HDMI connectivity, so Chromecast with Google TV is better at discovering the optimal settings for your own screen.

There are also nonspecific wireless improvements in terms of 5GHz frequency and mesh networking, and the wireless performance gets an additional boost while reducing problems when using Bluetooth devices – such as headphones – with some Chromecast apps.

The Chromecast with Google TV with HDMI-CEC capability, which allows the casting device to communicate back and forth with a connected TV, also gets a small upgrade.

It can now be configured, through the Chromecast settings, to allow you to turn the TV on and off on its own while leaving the device itself turned on.

Google has been busy improving its streaming device over the past few months, and recently it received HDR10 + certification, so that viewers can watch content from Google Play Store and other places with higher clarity.

Meanwhile, the search giant has also started rolling out child account support via Chromecast with Google TV, and the feature is designed to provide kids with a safe space with content appropriate for certain ages.

And the recent launch of the Apple TV app for Chromecast with Google TV, which provides Apple’s library of original content to more viewers, although Apple still offers a relatively small collection of original shows and movies.

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