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Google Chrome Tests Some Next-Gen Gaming Technologies

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Indicates advertisement Beta 94 of the Google Chrome browser indicates that the company is implementing some new web standards that can make browser-based gaming experiences even better.

Programs can help WebCodecs Coming soon is making cloud gaming easier and faster. While the standard can WebGPU Make it easier for browser game developers to take advantage of the power of a computer.

WebCodecs are API Designed to give developers better access to the video codecs within your browser that define what to do with video streaming.

Although there are ways to play the video in the Google Chrome browser. But these methods are not designed for things like cloud gaming.

WebCodecs is designed to avoid overload, making it easy to get incoming video streams across your screen as quickly as possible.

This also, in theory, makes it work better than it currently does on slow hardware (the kinds of PCs where cloud gaming is preferred).

and provides standard WebGPU The latest and most experimental web developers have better access to the full power of computer graphics. This is done by allowing developers to access the computer’s native graphical application programming interface. (Similar to Apple’s Metal, Microsoft DirectX 12, or Vulkan).

The standard makes it easier for web developers to communicate with the graphics card in a language they understand, without having to go through other layers that can slow things down.

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Google Chrome Tests Some Next-Gen Gaming Technologies

Supposed to be a WebGPU standard Like the next generation From WebGL, which allows developers to take advantage of the OpenGL framework.

In the future, this technology should make it easier for developers to create graphics-intensive games that run in the browser, utilizing the full power of current-generation GPUs.

and in accident In July 2020, Google stated that Zoom was interested in using WebCodecs for video conferencing.

WebGPU can be used To view 3D models in the browser or to speed up machine learning models.

It makes sense for these technologies to appear in the Google Chrome browser. This is given that these areas fall within the interests of Google. From cloud gaming with Stadia, to video conferencing applications.

WebCodecs and WebGPU are open standards developed by the W3C. Other browser makers have started test them also.

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