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Google Chrome on Android is testing a new price tracking feature

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The latest version of Chrome on Android has started to launch a new price tracking feature to alert you to price drops.

O SmartDroid reports receiving the new feature in Chrome version 90, although it does not appear to be available to everyone. Once activated, Chrome monitors your open tabs for any price drops and sends you a notification if it happens.

It can be a useful feature for the Android app, which is not compatible with price tracking extensions like Keepa, that are available for the Chrome desktop client.

But the requirement to keep an open tab to track your prices seems awkward. Hopefully, Google will find a more elegant solution before the feature is widely implemented.

Feature under test

If your version of Chrome has been updated with the feature, you can activate it using the three-point settings menu in the upper right corner of the tab selection screen, where it is listed as “Track prices”.

If it is not showing, the Android Police and indicates that you can enable it manually by going to “chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-grid-layout” in the address bar, tapping on the drop-down menu, and selecting “Enabled price notifications”.

Your browser may need to be restarted again before the feature appears. The technique does not work for everyone, as it was not possible to enable the feature using this method.

News of Chrome’s price tracking feature comes just a few months after Microsoft’s Edge browser added a price comparison tool, which was soon followed by integrated support for coupons and promotional codes.

Firefox also tested a price tracking feature in 2018, called Price Wise, although it does not appear to have received an official release since then. As we do not have more information, we cannot say when and if the resource will be launched …


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