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Google announces new Play Store for WearOS: New Material You design and installations

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Earlier this month, we started to see that there was a new Google Play on Wear OS, in fact some. But today Google officially announced this new Material You redesign and some new features that the app store will have in the operating system for watches.

There are some new features, with clear highlights for a new one and also the introduction of important information on the cards to improve readability. This can be seen on the main screen and application lists.

The new design simplifies the experience of navigating the small surface area of ​​a watch face. Important information is placed on cards, which makes it more comfortable to read and make a selection.

A color adjustment shows that these cards use light gray instead of white text only being displayed with a black background.

Google announces new Play Store for WearOS New Material You

So, by putting everything on a card, everything feels less cramped, which is important on a small screen like a smartwatch. We also see that the application lists have barely changed. The “Open” button, however, is again pill-shaped and extends across the entire width of the screen.

Meanwhile, the Play Store now allows you to complete an in-app purchase on your Android phone or desktop via a URL.

The Play Store on Android smartphones is also getting some new features adjacent to the wearable. The biggest addition is the ability to remotely install applications on your watch. For supported apps, the green “Install” button adds a drop-down menu to specify where you want the installation to take place. By default both destinations/devices are selected.

In the search, you can now filter the results by “Clock Faces”. This new design reworked from the Wear OS Play Store will be released in the coming weeks for watches running the latest Wear OS 2.

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