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Google and Fiat united to launch special editions of the Fiat 500

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O Fiat 500 it is perhaps one of the most successful models in the compact segment both for its appearance, as well as for its specifications and comfort. Extremely versatile, this model marked the return of a brand that has been dormant in time. After a great success, comes the laurels of what happened. It seems that the bet now of the Italian manufacturer is the inclusion of tools with high demand on the part of its customers, the applications, Google.

The ambition of the Mountain View manufacturer is not at all new to invest in car mobility, given that Alphabet’s subsidiary has been developing technology for autonomous cars. Even though he tried to develop an exclusive car, his goal was always to develop software for the cars of the big construction companies.

In this sense, and reinforcing its 500 line, Fiat chose to count on the support of Google for the inclusion of technology from the North American manufacturer, in order to offer a more complete experience than its competitors. Usually, other manufacturers bet on strategic partners that build a system made with their own vehicles in mind, however, with some limitations compared to the current technology offered by this and other giants.

Google and Fiat united to launch special editions of the

According to Fiat, the new models are equipped with Google Assistant, which works on the car’s center console – where the info-entertainment system is located – so that you can use the “Hey, Google“Or”Okay, Google”To do everything you already get with Google Services on your phone. In addition, the location, area (where the vehicle is located) or even the speed you reach will also be monitored so that you can always be informed of your vehicle’s whereabouts or situation.

This is the first time that a car has been put up for sale and has been customized with these kinds of things. We highlight the presence of some symbols that resemble the presence of Google in the Fiat vehicle. The Fiat 500 is one of the most emblematic models, so the edition 500 Hey Google is available in compact hatchback or convertible versions, with a hybrid drive gasoline from 70 hp, 15 ″ light-alloy wheels and a sports steering wheel, plus a matte silver instrument panel. O value starts in, about, 18,800 euros and in the edition “cabriolet” in 21,900 euros.

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The models that followed the Fiat 500 sales success were the 500X and 500L models, which will also continue and have Google customization. Both models have the same exterior image category, full of allusions to Google, the 16 ″ alloy wheels with different engines in each model. O 500L model tell one gas engine 1.4l of 97 hp that costs 23,900 euros, another engine, this time, the diesel in 1.3l, he also 97 hp (only in some very specific markets, perhaps in Portugal).

Likewise, the 500X model offers four distinct engines – two gasoline and two diesel -, a first version 1.2l in 118 hp petrol and a stronger motorization of 148 hp in 1,300 cc to cost, respectively, 24,300 euros and 27,300 euros. The models with diesel engines have respectively 97 hp and 132 hp and are also only available in some markets.

In all versions, with the edition “Hey, Google”Come with a welcome kit, which includes a Google Nest hub and a special keyboard cover. However, this Google customization is only available on the models referred to in the article, including the hybrid powered vehicle. The only model that does not configure any of these customizations is the Fiat 500 hundred percent electric.

Source Autocar

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