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Google adjusts Android selection screen in Europe

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get rid of Google is part of an auction system that forces other service providers to bid for the right to appear as a default search engine option across Android.

After a $5 billion fine and antitrust measures were imposed in 2018, people in Europe were able to choose the essential apps and services they use via Android by default, rather than having to use Google products initially.

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Users in the area see the Android selection screen while setting up the device or after performing a factory reset.

They can select their default search engine from a number of options. However, the three providers that were offered along with Google Search were identified through a bidding process.

Some competing search engines have described the pay-per-play method as unfair. The European Commission said it intervened after competitors raised concerns about this approach.

“The European Council has discussed with Google ways to improve this selection screen to address these concerns,” the Commission said.

Google wrote: After further comments from the Commission, we are now making some final changes to the selection screen. Including making participation free for qualified search providers.

We are also working to increase the number of search providers displayed across the screen. These changes are effective from September of this year across Android devices.

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Google acquiesces:

The revamped selection screen contains up to 12 search engine options. The option you choose becomes the default for searches across the home screen and Google Chrome, if you use it as your browser.

Your device also installs the search application of this provider with the indication that Only public search engines are eligible.

Eligible public search engines must have a free search application in the Google Play Store.

And vertical search engines (ie specialized in a particular topic) are banned. Providers that share search results and ads from Google will not be shown in the list either.

The changes will take effect for new Android devices sold in the UK and European Economic Area by September 1.

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