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Goodboy Galaxy is the first commercial game for Game Boy Advance since 2008

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Kickstarter for Goodboy Galaxy – the first commercial game for the Game Boy Advance since 2008 – achieved its goal in less than a day. O kickstarter went on the air asking for just over 24 thousand dollars and at the time of publication of this article it already has more than 120 thousand dollars.

Goodboy Galaxy is an adventure platform game totally new in development for the Gameboy Advance of 20 years. It’s like Cave Story or a cuter Metroid. Will be released in real cartridges and also digitally for GBA and modern platforms.

We’ll also be able to see, if the game grosses enough, a version improved for PRAÇA and Switch that takes advantage of stronger hardware features (modern aspect ratio, remastered audio, couch co-op and other extras).

Goodboy Galaxy is the work of two developers, Rik Nicol and Jeremy Clarke, who met while working at a mobile game studio in the Netherlands.

Goodboy Galaxy

The plan is to launch Goodboy Galaxy on real GBA carts as an “aftermarket product”, neither licensed nor affiliated with Nintendo. An improved version for PC and Nintendo Switch is also in the works.

In a note, Nicol said the last commercial game for the Game Boy Advance was The Bee, released by the now defunct publisher Midway on November 5, 2007.

“We think it’s interesting, especially since the GBA doesn’t get a lot of homebrew (let alone attempts at full commercial-style releases), but we hope to change that!” Nicol said.


A demo of the game is available to test here: Goodboy Galaxy Demo. the demo it’s theChapter Zero’ and was not intended as part of the main game (to avoid spoilers). The demo is available at English , French , Español , Japanese and Chinese .

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