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GNR marks Safe Internet month with awareness actions

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At a time when all Portuguese schools have resumed teaching activities with remote education, Microsoft and GNR – Guarda Nacional Republicana will celebrate the month of Safe Internet, which kicks off precisely today – the day on which Safe Internet Day is celebrated, with an awareness campaign aimed at primary and secondary school students, teachers and guardians. The sessions will be held through the Microsoft Teams collaboration tool and will last for 30 minutes.

From the motto “Together for a safer internet”, the two entities will hold digital sessions focused on the theme of internet security, namely respect, good practices and security tips.

Sandra Martinho, Director of Education and Philanthropy at Microsoft Portugal states that “due to the pandemic period that we are going through, the digital transformation has drastically influenced the traditional teaching model, having undergone a huge change from classroom to remote education, in March last year. .

This rapid change required that all processes move to digital collaboration based on technology and new challenges were also posed in the correct use of the internet. In order to respond to this growing technological communication, awareness-raising actions and campaigns are an important asset to ensure the change of mentality and adoption of digital in a safe way! ”.

GNR marks Safe Internet month with awareness actions

With the help of volunteers from Microsoft and GNR to reinforce communication and the importance of using the internet in a safe way, some messages will be transmitted in the awareness campaign in the Safe Internet month: Maintain respect online; Check the information available on the internet; Good practices and identity protection.

In the past, actions taken by Microsoft and GNR have reached more than 90,000 participants from 250 schools with the support of 1,000 volunteers. Schools wishing to schedule the Safe Internet 2021 awareness session will need to send an email for [email protected] and report the availability of hours and the respective level of education.

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