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Ghost Recon Breakpoint adds a new team game mode – AI Teammate Experience

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The way “AI Teammate Experience”Arrives on May 25 for the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as one of the most anticipated and promising modes. Remember that in the past, Ubisoft introduced another more hardcore mode for those players who like to play at the limit. Now, the development team has the chance to choose between playing accompanied by AI, as was the case in Ghost Recon Wildlands, with up to three more teammates.

Free for all players, this new gaming experience consists of a new progression system – implemented, especially, to evolve as a team -, being able to unlock and earn truly functional and promising rewards. In addition to the equipment and tactical operational that will start counting in your missions, you can enjoy an extra progression system – accumulating a second EXP progress bar to your character’s current one.

Your colleagues will now have this ranking that can be won by completing team challenges. We mentioned the existence of a progression bar that remains discreet – just like what happens with our EXP bar – the level of the whole team remains level, however, with each evolution, an animation will be shown in the screen in order to inform the player that new elements have been unlocked – be they functional or the usual cosmetics.

This new game mode is introduced as part of the Title Update 4.0 – the first of two updates provided for in the “Year 2Ghost Recon Breakpoint – and introduces more than just a simple progress system (like the one mentioned), but also new features related to your team. According to what has been released, the format of the game will be changed to a team regime, however, if you wish, you can disable it in the settings.

Through team mode you will be able to unlock a total of 14 updates, of which, three are active skills unique to each of the teammates, including the “Piercing Shot“, O “Recognition (strategic) ”and the“Combat Drone“; two active skills shared among members, including “Extra Revival” and “Fragmentation Grenades”And, finally, nine passive abilities for greater damage or resistance.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint adds a new team game mode

Towards the autumn, there is the second update of the “Year 2 Roadmap“, O Title Update 4.1, which brings with it a new operation that promises to streamline the game on a much larger scale. The producer Ubisoft guarantees that this operation will be “one of the biggest ever in the title“. For now, let’s wait for this update 4.0 and in the future, more information about the next update.

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