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Ghost of Tsushima will hit theaters at the hands of director John Wick

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Second was advanced by Nate Fox, the head of Sucker Punch Productions, the latest title produced by the studio, Ghost of Tsushima, will reach theaters with Chad Stahelski – director responsible for the production of films such as John Wick. The game that was released as an exclusive of the past generation was received by the community formidably, so this announcement is not a surprise.

Ghost of Tsushima contextualizes the samurai theme, being located and set at the end of the 13th century, at a time when the Mongol empire devastated entire nations in the ambition of its campaign to conquer the East and, in particular, the island of Tsushima, which is the last point of defense between the Japanese territory and the huge Mongol invasion led by the relentless and cunning general Khotun Khan.

Adaptations of games for the big screen are not a novelty, not least because there are exquisite adaptations of several games well known among the community. The Witcher – this one that debuted on Netflix in 2019, and of which there was a great expectation -, Super Mario and Prince of Persia are some of the most pressing examples.

Ghost of Tsushima will hit theaters at the hands of

“We are very happy to be able to work with Sony Pictures and to make this possible. And Jin is in good hands with director Chad Stahelski, who created something special with John Wick. Some of the best action scenes of all time were created thanks to his creative vision and years of experience, ”says Nate Fox in a statement. This happens at a time when Ghost of Tsushima has already sold more than 6 million units, and that about half of the players have already finished the story.

These arguments should justify and support, in part, what is the feedback obtained by the development team. We know well what was the expectation in relation to another exclusive Playstation, the The Last of Us: Part II which disillusioned countless players, igniting the community in a lively exchange of guilt and insults, showing how toxic videogame aficionados can be, under certain circumstances.

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