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Getting away from traffic will be easier with Google Maps

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Google is expanding the number of cities where Google Maps offers information about the traffic agglomeration. The number of cities covered is increasing day by day, today we have “more than 10,000 transit agencies in 100 countries”, said the company.

Google Maps traffic agglomerations information was originally released in 2019. Last year, social distance made this feature even more important.

Cluster information is shown from a mix of historical location data as well as Maps user reports. Google claims that it saves the location history data used by users.

Getting away from traffic will be easier with Google MapsIn addition to expanding the agglomeration list to several cities, Google also intends to make expansion more effective in New York and Sydney. In these cities, users will see the agglomeration as more rigorous.

The feature will work by receiving data provided by the public transport agencies themselves, and Google says it plans to expand the capacity to more cities soon.

As far as the weather section of Maps on android, Google is also adding some new features that can be accessed by tapping on your profile picture and selecting “timeline”.

A new “Insights” tab shows trends in the amount of time and distance the user spent using different methods of transport and the places they visited. There is also a “Travel” tab that brings together the places visited, including the option to export them in a list, if you want to pass them on as travel recommendations to other users.

Getting away from traffic will be easier with Google Maps

Finally, Google is also offering more review options for US restaurants, with new notices so you can share information about meal prices. The new review options are available on iOS and Android, and Google says they will eventually be available to businesses other than restaurants.

Source: TheVerge

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