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General Motors unveils the updated Chevy Bolt electric

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Revealed General Motors has announced two new versions of its Chevrolet Bolt, the first EV hatchback with a longer range and new high-tech features, and the second, the larger, new EUV crossover. This is part of the carmaker’s goal to introduce 30 electric cars in the next four years.

The cars are expected to be launched this summerThe 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV model is larger than the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV.

The EV is set to sell for $ 31,995 – about $ 5,000 less than the current model EV, and the EUV will also be less expensive, costing $ 33,995.

Both Chevy Bolt versions come with Super Cruise, an advanced hands-free driver assistance system that was previously available only on Cadillacs, and the EV and EUV are the first vehicles outside of Cadillac and the first electric cars to have a Super Cruise.

And the Super Cruise is not a self-driving system, as it still requires drivers to keep their eyes on the road and busy enough to be able to take over at any moment.

Notably, the EV and EUV come with the standard version of the Super Cruise, not the enhanced version that includes automatic lane change.

GM is using its ability to keep prices low in the hope of attracting customers with a growing range of electric vehicle options.

Both models include an active heat management system that uses coolant to maintain the battery temperature.

The EUV has an estimated range of 250 miles, which is a few miles less than the EV’s range, andThe car also comes with a standard dual-level charging cord with a changeable plug that allows drivers to choose charging 120V and 240V.

And the EUV wasn’t the only car revealed, as the automaker also refreshed the EV, the electric hatchback that debuted more than four years ago.

Many specifications remain, the interior gets an upgrade, and the price drops by $ 5,500.

The car has a 65 kW battery that provides an estimated 259 miles of range and is still powered by a single engine that generates 200 horsepower and 266 pounds of torque.

The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV includes a 10.2-inch touch screen in addition to an 8-inch digital touch instrument cluster.

The Chevy Bolt EV, which debuted in 2016, does not have in-car navigation.

Instead, it relies on Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for maps and driving directions, and the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV is still not available as standard with in-car navigation.

One of the new features is the presence of a button on the center console that, when engaged, allows single-pedal driving.

The driver depresses the accelerator pedal to move, and after the driver’s foot releases the pedal, the vehicle’s regenerative braking system starts and stops the vehicle.

Next comes the Chevrolet Bolt EV Standard with Chevy Safety Assistant, and six features include Lane Keeping Assist and warn you if the vehicle leaves the lane.

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