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General Motors is building a Chevy Silverado electric

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Confirmed General Motors is making an all-electric version of the Chevy Silverado pickup truck, the company’s best-selling vehicle.

The new truck is powered by GM’s new Ultium platform and delivers around 400 miles on a full charge.

The Ultium dedicated electric vehicle platform is designed to be modular and will power most electric vehicles coming from GM.

The company promised that the platform would be able to provide up to 400 miles of range, and that pickup trucks based on Ultium would feature an 800-volt engineered to allow fast charging.

The company did not say when the Chevy Silverado electric would go on sale, but GM President Mark Reuss said: The company makes commercial fleet-focused versions of the truck.

GM has been looking forward to the Chevy Silverado electric pickup truck for months, and previously said: It might not launch an electric pickup until the middle of the decade, and it didn’t officially announce that the truck is coming until yesterday.

The Chevy Silverado Electric is manufactured at Factory Zero, the newly renamed Detroit plant dedicated to electric and autonomous vehicles that GM is currently equipped with at a cost of more than $ 2 billion.

It’s also the same plant where GM manufactures the all-electric Hummer SUV and the all-electric Hummer pickup truck.

The Chevy Silverado electric pickup truck is a big step for GM and its Chevy brand, as the automaker plans to sell about 30 electric cars globally by 2025.

Competitor Ford is building the F-150 electric pickup truck, and it is due to be introduced next year.

The Chevy Silverado pickup truck is so important to GM that it is currently selling versions of it that lack a small chip to help improve fuel economy thanks to a global shortage of semiconductors.

A large number of other electric pickups are expected to hit the market in the next few years.

Delivery of the R1T truck from Rivian is scheduled for later this year, and the Cybertruck from Tesla begins arriving sometime at the end of this year or early 2022, along with General Motors’ Hummer electric pickup truck went on sale around the same time.

Several other startups are working on electric pickup trucks as well, including General Motors-backed Lordstown Motors, which plans to manufacture its trucks at the old carmaker’s former plant in Lordstown, Ohio.

GM was at one point negotiating a stake in the electric startup Nikola, and GM wanted an exclusive deal with Rivian.

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