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General Motors introduces the Ultium Charge 360 ​​charging solution

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Announced General Motors Corporation for its comprehensive charging approach to charging electric vehicles called it the Ultium Charge 360.

The easier the electric vehicle is to charge, the more likely people are to choose an electric vehicle for their next vehicle.

And just as Ford does with its FordPass network, the Ultium Charge 360 ​​integrates GM’s vehicle applications and software with a variety of third-party shipping services, such as: Blink, ChargePoint, EVgo, Flo, Greenlots, and SemaConnect.

The approach aims to create a seamless experience in which the owner of a GM electric vehicle can drive to the terminal, connect his vehicle and start charging without the need to juggle multiple applications or external membership.

The company said: There is a lot more to adopting electric vehicles than just buying a car and owning a large network, and our mission is to help everyone overcome any anxiety they have, and help them get the electric car in the most convenient way.

Unlike Tesla or Volkswagen, GM does not have its own electric vehicle charging network, and GM EV owners should instead rely on a mixture of third-party chargers, each with its own programs and membership requirements.

The US electric vehicle charging sector is in disarray, with broken chargers, worn cables and unreliable maps.

And while GM can’t solve some of the more difficult problems, it says it does what it can to make charging less difficult.

GM says it has a plan to simplify the charging experience, working under the Ultium Charge 360 ​​project with seven charging networks to give drivers smoother access to nearly 60,000 sockets across the US and Canada.

Mobile apps for GM vehicles will soon include real-time information at these stations and help drivers find them, and electric vehicle owners can pay the toll through the app as well.

The company announced that it is partnering with EVgo to create a constellation of 2,700 fast-charging stations for electric vehicles in cities across the country.

GM has not specified how much it will invest in building freight, and the partnership will not be exclusive, which means GM cars will not have exclusive access to them.

GM said it is making good progress on this partnership, with the first terminals operating in Washington, California and Florida.

General Motors, the largest car maker in North America, has committed to spending $ 27 billion on electric and self-driving cars through 2025.

General Motors also said: It is launching 30 new electric cars around the world by that date, with more than two-thirds of them available in North America.

It has set a goal to phase out its fuel vehicles to become a completely carbon-neutral company by 2040.

The company said: The main functions of the Ultium Charge 360 ​​approach will be available by September 2021.

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