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Gamescom 2021 will be physical and online event

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Due to the current situation in which the world finds itself, the conventions are either canceled or restructured to take place virtually through their websites. The organizers of Gamescom, the German electronic entertainment convention, are planning a hybrid format that has not yet been used.

The organizers announced that this hybrid format will be both face-to-face and online. The physical space will have places for the guests to try the new titles, there will also be a competition arena for e-Sports teams, spaces for various companies in the industry and even a small meeting space. The number of guests will also be reduced and limited due to the number of existing tickets and the existence of a new queue management system.

The online component will consist of several hubs for the various brands and companies to be able to connect with their fans and broadcast any showcase they have scheduled. In addition, this component will be extremely important for the event, since most fans will not be able to visit the convention held in Cologne, Germany.

Gamescom 2021 will be physical and online event

According to the organizers, this year’s event will have a strong focus on demonstrations that will prevent some previous participants from attending this year. Other companies like Nokia, Ericsson and even Facebook have said they will not participate due to security concerns.

Although there is enthusiasm for the return to the physical event, it is worth remembering that the Gamescom 2020 that was originally planned as a physical event ended up being canceled due to the epidemic, thus being converted into several livestreams on your website. Despite the quantities of vaccines that are already being distributed, it is always advisable to count on unforeseen circumstances, such as the recent suspension of the distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Tickets will begin to be sold in May, albeit in a very small number. The organization has already planned 4 days of the convention, starting on August 25th.

Source: Engadget

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