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Games available to Stadia Pro subscribers are expanding

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In addition to the four free games for Pro subscribers, Google is also publicizing the fact that Rainbow Six Siege has finally arrived at the Stadia, and supports crossplay with other PC players. Another game that will hit the Stadia later this month is Streets of Rage 4, the latest entry in the legendary beat-em-up series. This game will be released at the Stadia on July 15th. The open world survival horror title Darkwood is also expected to be added later this summer.

Google Stadia, already reviewed by us. is therefore expanding the number of games available to Stadio Pro subscribers in the month of July. There are dozens of free games on Stadia Pro in any given month.

The four games listed below join the likes of Hotline Miami 2, Orcs Must Die! 3 and Little Nightmare II. Google Stadia is then expanding the number of games in the month of July, so here are the games that will reach Google Stadia Pro subscribers in July 2021! All these games were added to the platform on July 1st.

Games available to Stadia Pro subscribers are

The games available to Stadia Pro subscribers this month are:

Moonlighter: is an action RPG that highlights a merchant named Will, who sets off on an adventure in an attempt to save his dying village. It was originally funded on Kickstarter and released in 2018 and has since been ported to multiple platforms.

terraria: is a 2D sandbox adventure game that revolves around survival, creation, construction and exploration. It’s the kind of game you could spend months playing.

The Darkside Detective: is a ‘noir’ adventure with Detective McQueen, who tries to solve the many strange cases of Twin Lakes, and explores the mysteries of the spooky Darkside.

Street Power Football: is an arcade-style football game that can be played alone or with friends. You’ll be able to play six different game modes and perform crazy tricks and super moves while dominating the field.

As with the Xbox Game Pass, some games will no longer be available to play for free on the Stadia Pro at the end of each month. The games removed from the Stadia at the end of June are Steamworld Dig, Ary & Secret of Seasons, SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, PIKUNIKU, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Source: XDA Developers

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