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Gameboy titles will be available on Switch Online

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The Nintendo Switch Online subscription service could make it possible in the near future for users to access games that are newer than the NES and SNES titles.

According to the latest podcast from Nate the Hate, Nintendo may add Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to Switch Online in the coming weeks. As the hosts discuss in the program, some people discovered in 2019 that the service has four emulators, and two of them are still unused.

They believe these emulators are for Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles – and both Nintendo Life and Eurogamer corroborated the information with their own sources.


Nintendo’s Switch Online service completes three years of existence in just a few weeks. It was released on September 18, 2018, giving members access to older games for two of the company’s oldest consoles. Since then, the company has regularly added more and more SNES and NES games to its selection, including beloved classics like the Super Mario Bros. series, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II and Donkey Kong. Adding Game Boy titles to the mix means Nintendo won’t run out of games for the foreseeable future.

The Nintendo Life source is not optimistic that the company will release Game Boy Advance titles for the service in the near future. According to the Eurogamer, however, “other old platforms are also on the list”. As expected, Nintendo refuses to comment on the rumor. He told The Verge: “We have nothing to announce on this matter.”

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