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Galaxy Watch 3’s biggest enemy could be Google

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Google may not be as inactive with current smartwatches as they are regularly updated, and there are some Wear OS smartwatches that may qualify for an update. Qualcomm, for example, has already confirmed that its Snapdragon Wear, with the 3100 and Wear 4100/4100+ chipsets, used in all Wear OS smartwatches, are capable of running the new wearable platform that Google developed in collaboration with to Samsung.

If there are any changes, it shows that a hardware update may not be necessary for smartwatches to qualify for the new Wear platform. Some smartwatch Wear OS manufacturers have already resolved the issue.

Fossil recently confirmed that it will not upgrade its existing smartwatches to Wear. Google has not made any firm commitments, nor has it even hinted that it supports upgrading current smartwatches to Wear. A company statement provided to AndroidPolice attempted to give a vague interpretation of the matter:

Galaxy Watch 3s biggest enemy could be Google

“User experience is a priority for us. We have not confirmed eligibility or schedule on whether any smartwatch Wear OS will be upgraded to the new unified platform. There are many technical requirements to run the unified platform that ensure that all components of the user experience are optimized.”

When you bought the Galaxy Watch 3, if that’s the case, last year, I thought the smartwatch would get major updates for at least a few years. And so, you could enjoy new features every year without having to buy a new smartwatch.

That’s how it worked for Samsung smartwatches in recent years. However, the company changed things in 2021, and decided to ditch Tizen and move to a unified Android-based platform called Wear for future Galaxy smartwatches. And we are left to wonder if this new platform will arrive as an update for the Galaxy Watch 3?

It seems that Google may not be entirely in agreement with this idea. Where does that leave Samsung, though? Fossil obviously won’t have the same kind of advantage that Samsung has with Google, at least as far as this platform is concerned. Both Google and Samsung developed it together.

As explained earlier, it’s not so much about Samsung’s offer to Tizen, as it’s Samsung that will come to the rescue of Google. It has already been discussed why the Galaxy Watch 3 deserves an upgrade to the new platform. Ultimately, it may be that Samsung will be able to extract that concession from Google. This is something that only time will tell.

Source: Sammobile

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