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Galaxy Tab S7 FE may be delayed due to lack of processors

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The delay was allegedly caused by the global shortage of semiconductor supplies and the fact that production at Samsung’s factories in Vietnam was halted by Covid.

But assuming the delay is real and was caused by production issues in Vietnam and global semiconductor shortages, then the possibility of a delay in other markets outside of South Korea also exists, especially in the SM-T737 and SM-T736B models , which are the Galaxy Tab S7 FE models and the 5G version, respectively.

However, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is now available for purchase in Russia. It was officially released together with the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. However, the Fan Edition tablet might not enjoy such a timely launch in all other regions if the rumors are true. Although the tablet is available in Russia, Samsung has yet to reveal any availability details for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE in South Korea, which could indicate that the rumor of a one-month delay may be accurate. Samsung reportedly declined to comment “on unreleased products”.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE may be delayed due to lack

And that’s how the launch of Samsung’s first Fan Edition tablet may not go as well as the company had hoped, at least not in all regions. The new local media report states that the tablet’s launch in South Korea has been delayed by a month, from June to July.

If on the one hand it is strange that Samsung has not yet launched the tablet in its home country, which gives strength to the information pointing to delays due to lack of hardware, on the other hand, the launch of the tablet in Russia this week may indicate that Samsung is not facing any production issues, but time will tell.

source: Sammobile

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