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Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: Samsung’s latest tablets

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THE Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. just announced the Galaxy Tab S7 FE it’s the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, being the latest additions to its tablet portfolio.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE retains Galaxy Tab S7 fan favorite features, including a large screen for entertainment, creative work, and for multi-tasking. And for those looking for a compact tablet on the go, the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the right choice.

The demand for tablets continues to grow. Whether it’s for studying from a distance, connecting with friends, or for personal entertainment, consumers are looking for devices that keep up with their busy, creative lifestyles.“says Woncheol Chai, SVP and Head of Experience Planning Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re excited to give consumers the technology they need to make the most of every day. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are packed with amazing features designed to meet consumers’ everyday needs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE gives consumers the features they love and want at an affordable price. It features a 12.4-inch screen, perfect for entertainment and taking productivity and creativity to the next level.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Samsungs

When it’s time to get back to your daily routine, you can count on your Galaxy Tab S7 FE to keep you productive. The set includes an S Pen, so you can make the most of the big screen and get your tasks done with even greater efficiency. With Samsung Notes, you can easily convert your handwritten notes into digital text. Keep your notes organized with automatic tags, and use Smart Search to quickly find the exact note you need, whether it’s handwritten or typed.

Also, if you have a research job or a project that requires you to open several windows or applications at the same time, you don’t have to worry: the Galaxy Tab S7 FE lets you easily handle multiple tasks. With Multi-Active Window, it is possible to open up to three applications at the same time. This means you can browse the web, take notes, and stream a video – all on one screen. With App Pair, you can also quickly save and launch your favorite combination of applications in the Multi-Active Window.

For consumers looking for even more ways to maximize their productivity, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE has the solution. With the Samsung DeX and a Book Cover Keyboard, you can use your tablet like a laptop, turning the user interface (UI) into a PC-like experience while working on your to-do list. And, thanks to Second Screen , you can turn your Galaxy Tab S7 FE into an additional screen next to your PC in order to expand your vision and get even more work done.

When inspiration strikes, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE has the right tools to get your creativity flowing. Clip Studio Paint and Canva, through the use of the S Pen, allow you to design smooth and sharp drawings. With a 6-month free trial for new Clip Studio Paint users, you can discover new talent and experience digital art. For those who like to take notes, the Noteshelf is also included free of charge, allowing you and your S Pen to create detailed, colorful notes that accurately reflect your thoughts.

With the same sleek, stylish metallic finish as the Tab S7 line, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is available in four iconic colors to suit your personal style: Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, Mystic Green and Mystic Pink. Even with a large screen, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE features a slim and light profile, and has a powerful battery so you can easily transmit, work and create without the pressure of having an outlet nearby.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

1622561114 3 Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Samsungs

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the transport companion that lets you view content and games on the go at an affordable price. With an 8.7-inch screen housed in a sleek, durable metal frame, the compact Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is ultra-portable. The thin screen thickness and powerful dual speakers with Dolby Atmos allow the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite to offer a more immersive experience when watching your movies and shows or playing your favorite video games.

With internal storage up to 32GB, expandable to 1TB with a MicroSD card, the device provides plenty of space for all your favorite content, and the quad-core processor helps ensure it runs quickly and smoothly. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, available in Gray and Silver colors, also has a long battery life with a 15W fast charging adapter, and the optional LTE capability.

Samsung TV Plus & Galaxy Ecosystem

When you buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE or Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, you will also have unlimited access to Samsung TV Plus for free. You can get the most out of your new tablet by streaming over 160 channels, including your favorite shows, movies, and more. Galaxy users also get access to a free YouTube Premium trial, with hours of ad-free entertainment.

The new Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite work seamlessly with any of your Galaxy devices. Receive and send calls and text messages on your tablet via your Samsung account, even when your smartphone is out of reach. Easily copy and paste text or images between enabled devices. You can also transition from browsing on your mobile phone to your Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy Tab A7 Lite screen via Samsung Internet. And if you’re listening to music or watching video on your tablet and need to answer a call on your smartphone, Galaxy Buds can automatically switch to the other device.


Galaxy Tab S7 FE and Galaxy A7 Lite will be available in Portugal from June with PVPs, from €679.90 for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE version 5G, and the from €179.90 for the Galaxy A7 Lite.

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