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Galaxy SmartTag is Samsung’s next bluetooth locator

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So far, it is not clear that Samsung is doing anything out of the ordinary – this appears to be an article crawler similar to what we already find on the market. Samsung had launched a locator in 2018 that linked to mobile phone networks for continuous tracking. More recently, last October, Samsung launched an app that helps owners of their gadgets locate their existing devices using Bluetooth technology, which appears to be the basis for the next SmartTag.

Most of the time, this seems to be more bad news for ´Tile´, since Apple also has an article finder under development. That could mean two big new competitors in one year, if both of these devices really come up.

So, it is a fact that Samsung seems to have a new competitor of ´Tile´ on the way called Galaxy SmartTag, a new device for tracking lost items. The tracker, probably called the Galaxy SmartTag, has been on leaks for the past month, and there is some speculation that it could be announced alongside the Galaxy S21 in late January.

Galaxy SmartTag is Samsungs next bluetooth locatorThe Galaxy SmartTag will use Bluetooth to connect with nearby devices and transmit your location, so that owners could find you your lost equipment.

It will be powered by a battery similar to that used in watches and replaceable, according to a file detected by GSMArena, so you don’t need to throw it away and buy a new one when the battery dies.

The leaks show the SmartTag as a small square with rounded corners and a side hole to be inserted into a key chain or wire. Photos of the device with the Taiwanese telecommunications regulator were released by 91mobiles, and align with an illustration of the gadget that emerged from Samsung’s SmartThings application.

Source: GSMArena

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