Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

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If you want to free up space in the drive or the so-called hard drive for your computer, you can do so through several simple methods that we can explain below.

You may notice that your hard drive is full of some files that you may not notice, or some duplicate data, and Windows 10 includes many features and options to free up space that allows you to delete unnecessary and temporary files, applications and games to improve storage.

Empty Recycle Bin

Every time you delete any file using the Delete button, it migrates that file to the Recycle Bin, and thus the space of the Recycle Bin increases with what you delete, so go to the Recycle Bin and press the right button of the mouse and select Empty Recycle Bin from In order to free up space on your drive.

Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

Storage Sense

The feature provides the necessary tools to delete cache files and you can easily use it to free up space in your drive and you can set it so that Windows 10 automatically deletes unused temporary files, as well as files that have been in the recycle bin folder and downloads for more than a day or so Up to 60 days.

You can also use cloud storage like OneDrive, which helps you transfer files and save space on hard drives.

  • Open the “settings” and click on system and select storage.

Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

Disk Cleanup

It is the built-in tool in Windows in order to clean and free up space in the hard drive by getting rid of a number of unnecessary files such as temporary Internet files, system memory dump files and even previous Windows installations that may still be suspended.

  • Click on the X and Windows button on the keyboard or in the search box in the toolbar at the bottom, search for “Command Prompt”.
  • Move the following and press the Enter button.

cleanmgr /sageset:11

Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

  • Once you open the “Desk Cleanup” settings, choose the following to free up space, then click OK.

Windows Update Cleanup

Downloaded Program Files

Temporary Internet Files

Temporary files

System error memory dump files

Files discarded by Windows upgrade

Windows ESD installation files

Previous Windows installations

Recycle Bin

Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

Cloud storage

You can use cloud storage to free up space on Windows, so if you do not have any hard disk, use one of the cloud storage services such as using the OneDrive service and Google Drive service, and each of them gives you 15 GB for free. You can keep pictures, files and videos on the cloud storage Instead of keeping them on your hard drive and easily accessing them through your account anywhere.

And you can get OneDrive from here if it is not available on your device.

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  • In the toolbar, right-click on the cloud tab “OneDrive” and choose from the small menu “Settings” or search through the search tab in the bottom bar, select apps, then type in the search box “OneDrive”.

Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

  • You will see a menu Choose settings in the top bar, then select Save space and download files as you use them

Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

This setting will allow you to see files that you have stored in OneDrive from File Explorer on your computer. You will notice three different icons for OneDrive files in the “Status column”:

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Blue Cloud: Online file only
Green checkmark in a white circle: A file stored on the hard drive may return to the Internet when space is depleted
A white checkmark in a green circle: A file is stored on your hard drive and will remain regardless of space constraints.
You can easily transfer your OneDrive folders and files to your computer and return them back.

Free up drive space [الهارد] On Windows 10

To transfer a file or folder stored in OneDrive to your computer, right-click on it and choose Always keep on this device.

To remove the existing copy of the drive from the file or folder, right-click on it and select Free up space.

This was one of the most common and safest methods used to free up drive space on Windows 10.

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