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France adds another 500 million euro fine to Google

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The tech giant was fined 500 million euros after failing to follow an order from the French authority to reach a fair deal to be able to use the content they produce on the Google News service.

The French Competition Authority, in addition to the fine, also forced Google to present a proposal for remuneration to publishers and news agencies for the use of its protected content, under penalty of having to pay 900,000 euros for each day of delay.

Newspaper owners and agencies have been clashing with Google for some time, and in Europe, publishers have been putting increasing pressure on regulators to curb Google.

There is a French law that obliges Internet platforms to negotiate with the media a compensation for the use of their content in their search engines, content that is often protected.

France adds another 500 million euro fine to Google

However, the Competition Authority found, after an in-depth investigation, that Google “did not comply with several legal requirements formulated in April 2020”

The complaints were submitted to authorities in 2019 by groups representing newspapers and magazines, as well as Agence France-Presse (AFP). By 2021, Google will have reached an agreement to remunerate the French newspaper group Alliance de la Presse d’Information Générale.

After the decision, Google was ordered to enter into negotiations with the plaintiffs within two months, otherwise it risks paying fines of up to 900,000 euros a day.

This is Google’s third case with France given that in June, the Competition Authority imposed a fine on Google of 220 million euros for abuse of its position in the “online” advertising market.

France’s National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) fined Google another 100 million euros and Amazon 35 million for the “cookies” policies, so it seems the war between France and Google has no end in sight.

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