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Fortnite developer launches anti-cheat services

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Fortnite developer Epic Games announced today, Tuesday, the launch of a free voice chat service and anti-cheat services that developers can implement in their games.

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It is offered as part of the Epic Online Services suite of available for use with any game engine and supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.

The new voice chat service is a cross-platform. It supports both individual and group chat during in-game matches.

When using the service, the audio data is transmitted through the back-end servers of the company that developed the game Fortnite. The technology handles all the features of the scope and quality of service.

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Epic Games says the technology has been integrated and battle tested in Fortnite. This provides some assurance that it can handle millions of players simultaneously.

Besides voice chat, Epic Online Services also adds support for Easy Anti-Cheat, a service designed to root out cheaters from online games.

Previously Easy Anti-Cheat was available to third-party developers to license their games. But it’s now free as part of Epic Games’ online services. It is supposed to allow many developers to take advantage of it.

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Fortnite developer introduces new services:

Epic Games argues that anti-cheat software like this is becoming increasingly important because more games offer cross-play between PCs and other platforms, and because cheats are often more easily available via the PC.

Like other anti-cheat software, Easy Anti-Cheat can sometimes cause problems for non-cheaters.

In addition, innocent software can be classified as malware, so it is far from a perfect solution.

But with cheating still rampant in many of the world’s biggest games, it’s hard to refuse developers another tool up their sleeve.

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The developer of Fortnite includes both services as part of the Epic Online Services suite. Which is not related to its own game engine or storefront.

Furthermore it Says Company: It is providing the Services for free with the aim of encouraging broader adoption of all Epic Games offerings and building a larger account base across platforms for the company and its partners.

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