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Forspoken gets a fantastic new trailer focused on its storytelling

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Sony once again held another Showcase of the new PlayStation 5 to reveal to the public more news about long-awaited titles for its platform, some exclusive and some not, to show the entire community that, despite a huge silence, the Japanese giant is working hard to deliver beautiful and breathtaking titles to everyone.

One company that has been working closely with the Japanese giant to deliver titles that match the description above has been the famous Square Enix who take advantage of the latest Sony event to reveal more news about their upcoming major temporary exclusive title on the new PlayStation 5, the Forspoken initially known as Project Athia.

The new trailer presented below is very focused on the narrative of the future title and also shows countless moments of gameplay that looks stunning and simply magnificent and breathtaking and, when you put this together with the game’s graphics, it just seems like a work of art.

The new and fresh trailer shown above shows what will be the story of Frey Holland, protagonist of the title, a young woman who is transported from New York City, where her life is not the best for a teenager, to a world of magic and fantasy known as Athia.

In this new place, Frey will have to use her new magical abilities revealed in the trailer to defeat any threat and to save the world where she finds herself because that was the same reason that led her to him in the first moment.


Forspoken seems more and more amazing and impressive to be true and more and more people are showing interest in the title that was revealed at the PlayStation 5 reveal event, reaching this and also the PC in the spring of 2022 if it doesn’t. postponed due to pandemic or other problem.

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