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Forged from its ovens, the KFC console arrived

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Now KFC is presenting its own console with a smell of fried chicken. And this is not the first time that KFC has ventured into a new niche. In February this year, this franchise chain announced a line of shoes with the appearance and smell of fried chicken, in conjunction with Crocs.

In July, the company also embarked on the path of 3D printing, with the start of studies for the production of nuggets using this technology.

When the fast food chain KFC announced that it would launch its own console in June, no one took it very seriously. But now, the company has just proven the story, with the announcement of KFConsole, last week. Through social networks, KFC Gaming, a division of the franchise network created for the new segment, presented the console that it developed together with Cooler Master.

forjada a partir dos seus fornos chegou a consola kfc 3

The product features Intel NUC 9 Extreme technology and a removable Nvidia graphics card, and is built by the Cooler Master from scratch, there has never been a tastier way to experience the latest titles in stunning 4k and 240fps, and RAY TRACING technology, with individually simulated rays of light creating true life shadows and reflections that will immerse you in selected games more than ever.

With this console, we will be able to discover a level of gameplay that we did not know possible with graphics powered by Asus that runs impressive frames and with a first interchangeable red-hot GPU slot, the KFC console will continue to be the most powerful console for generations to come.

forjada a partir dos seus fornos chegou a consola kfc 2

As Burger King prepares to launch a technology company, and according to the Cooler Master website, the device is capable of playing games with support for 240 Hz output on 4k monitors. The biggest difference, however, is the possibility of heating pieces of fried chicken while the user plays. According to the product description, it is “the first chicken chamber built in the world” and has a natural air flow and heating system that keeps food warm, and allows pieces of fried chicken to be heated.

The inspiration for the design of the device was precisely the ovens of the restaurant chain, but all the technology was built from scratch by Cooler Master, according to the statement. The company has not yet released details, such as suggested price, when the video game will be made available for purchase or even what games will be available.

forjada a partir dos seus fornos chegou a consola kfc

Source: KFConsole

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