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For everyone who complains that Tesla doesn’t make any noise

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It has been known by some for some time, especially by car enthusiasts – VE, the possibility of ‘attaching’ sound to the car, through an external speaker. Now the DragTimes youtube channel has published one of these cases, with a Tesla Model S Plaid. The channel publishes car reviews and videos, which are for entertainment purposes only and do not necessarily reflect real world performance or scenarios due to video/sound editing, manipulations and special effects.

It is now the opportunity for Tesla owners to upgrade their external speakers to make more noise, and it was clear the enthusiasm on the part of those watching this example that made the Tesla Model S Plaid sound like a ‘Hellcat’, as noted.

This whole phenomenon as one fan admitted that “I love how Tesla is just turning the automotive world upside down, and innovating in things that no traditional automaker would do. Sometimes it backfires, but I think innovation, no matter how silly, is a good thing.

There were several reactions and calls for the production of their own sounds to be used in Tesla, or another comment that “Listening to a TESLA cammed can cause temporary cognitive dissonance – But it’s SOOOO worth it!” , “I would put on a futuristic ev acceleration sound for sure.”, “Lol, that’s awesome, I think I would go with “Weed Wacker”. Imagine the slumbering sounds coming from that beast … like the sound of a 50hp Vespa. Lol!!…”, ” Finally. Some real SPEED for all that ‘lmao’ noise.

“I absolutely love the sounds these cars make. It’s the sound of a legitimate performance.” “Record yourself making spin noises and charge them up — Helicopter sound would be cool too”, “Anyone who asks if the PLAID is an RC car will most likely not be able to spell RC Car, and when there’s so much acceleration, it won’t it takes sound.

“I would choose a Detroit 2-stroke diesel. 8v92 or something like that.”, “Unless they have the Jetsons car stereo, maybe that”. While there have been comments from those who prefer the current state of this technology, “I’ll keep quiet”, there are also those who opt for creative options, “I would immediately put the stereo in Mr. Magoo’s car!” and even comments with other appeals “cool feature! I would also like it to increase in rpm along with the speed increase.

There were also those who admitted returning to the horse era, with this opportunity: “If YouTube existed in 1910, that would be one thing: “Cars don’t have a soul. I will never give up on my horse”. If it was all about soul, we should be riding a real horse. I want the hooves and cobblestones to sound like a horse and buggy. LOL.” When seeing this opportunity that an Electric Vehicle now offers, in this case a Tesla Model S Plaid, the question will be: “which sound would you choose?”

Source: DragTimes

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