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folds without crease and resistant as glass

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We already know that the future of smartphones will be folding equipment, or some kind of folding screen, as we can experience at an Oppo event where we can have a first impression of the Oppo X 2021, as you can see in the our instagram. Therefore, we already know that screen manufacturers are betting heavily on new technology for these devices.

If we’ve seen some very interesting prototypes, LG has just announced a new technology that stands out for not leaving any crease on the screen, something that, we understand, happens in the new Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip and other equipment. However, we still have to wait.

Foldable devices may soon no longer be niche products, and LG has announced new material that could help make that a reality. THE LG Chem has designed a new type of video cover – ie the pre-installed outside of the screens, protecting them from impact – which it says is as hard as glass, while having the ability to avoid creased prints on the back. connection of a device.


The company calls the material Real Folding Window, and it is made of PET film coated on both sides with a new coating technology developed by the company. In the statement it is explained that unlike existing films and tempered glass-like materials, the cover window that applied new coating technologies from LG Chem will maximize flexibility while providing optimized solutions for folding phones, such as improvements in chronic problems such as crease prints when connecting the screen.

Furthermore, it can be folded outwards and inwards, unlike current versions which are optimized to be folded in a single direction. LG Chem says it is thinner than tempered glass, is competitively priced and has been tested to be folded over 200,000 times.

Although the coating on both sides is only a few micrometers thick, the company is developing another type of folding that does not use PET film. The idea is to create a very thin cover window for use on devices such as folding phones and folding screens.

This type of innovative technology, it is known, takes time to reach the market, and despite being presented now, the start of production will only take place next year, in 2022, while the first products to reach the market with this technology only should happen during 2023.

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