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Flying will cost 100GB of space on Xbox

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The quality of graphics in electronic games is increasingly the feature that delights gamers around the world. However, all these improvements almost always represent an increase in space that is needed in the equipment where they are installed.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator flight simulator, available now for PC, will arrive on Xbox Series X/S consoles next Tuesday, July 27th. The game will be available on the Game Pass, but interested players will need to make room on the console’s SSD as the game will take up around 97.2 GB.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulation game from Microsoft, released in 1982. It is intended for personal use, although there are already companies that use it for pilot preparation.

Flying will cost 100GB of space on

Microsoft Flight Simulator will be arriving on Xbox Series X and S on July 27th, also from the Redmond company. Information indicates that users will even have to find space if they want to play this simulator, as it will come close to 100GB.

The information is on the Flight Simulator page in the Game Pass and refers to the base game.

For comparison, an Xbox Series S owner, which has a 512GB SSD, will need to set aside about 20% of the storage to keep the MFS installed. On the X Series, which has 1 TB of available space, the impact will be smaller.

On the game’s page on the Microsoft Store, Microsoft advises Players who intend to dedicate themselves to the simulator may need even more free space for storage, as the game can take up around 150 GB on the Xbox Series X.

In the PC version, available since August 2020, it has already received several updates and one of the most recent has reduced the game size from 170 GB to 83 GB.

Games for the consoles will be about 15 GB heavier than those on the PC. Many gamers expected further optimization regarding the space needed on next-gen Xbox’s, but future updates may improve this requirement.

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