Fix Windows 10 black screen issue

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The black screen may appear to you while you open your Windows 10 computer, so you may not be able to know the main cause of the problem, so we have to try many solutions that will get rid of that black screen.

Check connections

In order not to do any other solution that may cause any side effects or have nothing to do with the matter, we must first verify that the connections are all properly connected and not suspended, as well as verify that the power button works and also check the screen wire that it is well connected even if I had to install it again.

Make sure that the Num Lock button can be turned off and activated in order to be sure of the problem and its cause, as this may have a relationship whether the problem is in the hardware or software.

Task Manager

In some cases, the black screen may appear intermittently or not always. If you can access the desktop, you can open the “Task Manager” by pressing alt + ctrl + delete, which will display all the programs that are running in the background, including the program Task Manager and do End Task for one of the programs that you installed recently that appeared with the black screen. If you notice that it is the cause, delete that program from your computer.

Fix Windows 10 black screen issue

Check the connections inside the computer

Make sure that the connections inside the computer are properly connected, and it is best to first remove the hard wires and re-install them, then make a restart. The fabric is lightly and re-installed again and restart the operation, it can be one of the problems of cutting the hardware inside, so the matter must be noted first before entering into the details of the software.

Fix Windows 10 black screen issue

Restart the graphics card

Press Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B to restart the video driver and check if that helps solve the black screen problem in Windows 10 before a login error occurs and this could be due to a graphics card error and this shortcut will inform The system has a potential problem and the administrator is forcing the system to restart the video driver.

The graphics card will then re-establish the connection to the monitor and it is recommended that you update your graphics card drivers as soon as the problem is resolved.

Fix Windows 10 black screen issue

Safe situation

Safe mode always helps to troubleshoot many errors and fix them, enter safe mode with network connection because this will allow you to access the Internet and we have previously shown complete content about operating safe mode in windows 10, it will help a lot to be able to Enter safe mode and use it well.

Fix Windows 10 black screen issue

Disable startup programs

If you suffer from the persistence of the black screen on Windows 10 for a few minutes before entering the desktop, this may mean that your computer is getting old and slow, or that there are many applications that have been enabled at startup so press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager and go to the Startup tab and thus you can enable or disable applications and it is recommended to disable all applications that you do not use frequently or that will not disable basic functions if they are not enabled by default.

These were the best methods that were tried by many users and made a difference with some in getting rid of that black screen, but each device has its own condition, or there may be some defects that are difficult to obtain and require more effort, and you can try installing a new Windows if None of these solutions worked, and if the problem persists, do not do any other experiments and visit the maintenance center, as the problem may require someone more experienced and can find a solution quickly, or you can contact Microsoft Technical Support .

It is preferable to make a backup copy of your data if this problem appears to avoid losing any data.

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