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Five tips to get the perfect logo for your website

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Logos are considered a modern phenomenon, but their history is as old as human civilization. Thousands of years before the onset of the Industrial Revolution, archaic traces of logos could already be found in our society. The Egyptians, for example, were intimate connoisseurs of symbology and were in the habit of drawing hieroglyphics on geometric grids. In the Middle Ages, logos were already used to help illiterate citizens identify lodges and interpret monarchical decrees.

Nowadays, it is impossible to dissociate the idea of ​​logos from the idea of ​​mass consumption: logos are the “face” of a website, brand, or company and can help determine its success or failure. So it makes sense to try to figure out what makes a good logo and how we can create a perfect logo.

If you are looking for a new logo for your website or company, you have come to the right place. These five tips can help you get the best possible logo for your website and transform your business image forever.

Five tips to get the perfect logo for your website

1. Less is more

The function of a logo is to summarize in a single image the personality of a website. It therefore makes sense that logos are, as a rule, extremely simple. In the world of logo design, the maxim that “less is more” is alive and well. Just think of some of the most famous logos in Internet history to realize that they all have one thing in common: they tell us a lot about the brand in question with as few visual references as possible. Microsoft, Google, or Twitter logos are good examples.

When creating a logo, it’s important to look for a clean, minimalist style. The more basic your logo, the more recognizable it will be. It can be viewed in small format or on low-resolution screens without losing its quality and, essentially, its identity.

2. Uses logo creation tools

If creating a logo was once an expensive and time-consuming process, nowadays it is possible to make a 100% original logo in less than 5 minutes. If you don’t have the time, money, or patience to recruit a designer and you need a good logo right now, you can try one. logo maker online. This way, you can create a professional quality logo from the comfort of your home or office.

Right now, automatic logo creators are sufficiently sophisticated to guarantee effective and original results. You can not only let the algorithm help you define the best possible logo for your site, but edit all the little parameters quickly and simply. It’s like having a designer just a click away.

3. Being literal pays off

Creating a literal logo is the most effective formula for creating an iconic and lasting symbol. Just think of brands like Apple, Penguin, or Shell. These three logos are authentic design classics that have in common the fact that they represent as literally as possible the name of the brand they are associated with.

In the world of logos, “uncomplicating” is the key term: sometimes, the best solution for your website or company logo is also the simplest possible.

4. Insert yourself in your target market

Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci once said that “a good artist copies and a great artist steals.” Stealing a logo is not a good idea at all, but looking for inspiration in reference logos is a great way to monetize your website or business.
Consumers associate certain types of logos with certain sectors of the economy, so you shouldn’t create a logo that is too different from the main logos of your target market. Can you imagine, for example, what would happen if a large bank had a logo similar to Google? Or if a law firm chose a logo similar to the logo of a restaurant in fast food? Most consumers would have difficulty accepting this reality.

If your site is a fun and entertaining site, try to create a logo with lots of colors and rounded shapes. If your business is a more formal business, it is best to choose a more sober logo, based on a simple combination of colors and with accentuated vertices.

5. Create a logo that will last forever

As with all areas of design, the world of logo creation is also experiencing a number of trends. just think of the Art Nouveau of the 19th century, which made a splash around the world. But a perfect logo should also be timeless. It is therefore not recommended that you look for inspiration in fads to create your logo. Try to make something simple and fresh, but that cannot be associated with a specific time or fashion. The Nike logo is an excellent example: despite being created in 1971, it still has a modern and dynamic look.

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