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First clinical case of addiction in Fortnite happens in Spain

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Addition to video games, this is an exaggerated addiction to games, is already quite common in the world, with several stories in relation, for example, to the well-known World of Warcraft. However, we are talking about games with several years on the market and, therefore, the best known cases are still older games. However, regarding the most recent games, namely in the case of Fortnite which is one of the great successes of the moment, there was still no case (officially) diagnosed as an addition. So far.

In Spain, an underage young person was hospitalized for two months after presenting symptoms of addiction to the game Fortnite, by Epic Games. This case was discovered after it was made public by doctors at the hospital in the city of Castellón, where the teenager is hospitalized and is, so far, the first case in the world.

According to the website The Information, the symptoms that led the hospital to make the decision to admit the child included isolation at home, refusal of social interactions, refusal to go to health services, personal inflexibility, little interest in the environment around them and selective in the activities performed.


According to the family, it all started with a change of class at the beginning of the school year. So far, the youngster has always shown excellent academic performance, but after this change, there was an increase in absenteeism, interruption of rest periods and lack of interest in school. Experts point out that the widespread use of new technologies can lead to behavioral dependence on video games, which in the end could become a case of extreme addiction.

As treatment, the team of doctors worked with the young person and their family, and the results were very encouraging, with a significant decrease in the use of the screens, as well as improvements on a personal and social level, however, the specialists took advantage of the disclosure in this case to draw attention to the need to pay extra attention to the behavior of minors, namely regarding the addition of gambling, which are increasingly common in adolescence.

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